Repatriated New Yorker, former Edinbourgeois, porteño, Philadelphian, and warszawiak.

People, startups, language aficionado.

Natural language processor / computational linguist.

Keen to meet: hackers, developers, designers, and researchers / NLP, IR, ML, and UX people.

But really all curious people.


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  2. Evelyn Juers

    Dear Matthew,

    Here in Sydney, there were plans to ‘revitalise’ our beautiful Mitchell Library Reading Room. These proposals meant the MLRR would no longer be a reference and research library. No service desk, no librarians, no card catalogues; many shelves had already been emptied of books. These plans redefined the Reading Room, Sydney’s finest public space, as a ‘hub’. The Mitchell Library’s books and other materials were to be issued next door, in the already overcrowded Macquarie wing, or in a smaller, segregated scholars’ room.

    We protested. The response has was phenomenal, locally, nationally and internationally. In a short time we gathered well over almost 10,000 supporters, including artists and architects, novelists and poets, Nobel, Neustadt and Booker prize winners, judges, politicians, historians, librarians, and above all bibliophiles from around the world.

    This is just to let you know – if you haven’t heard already – that we won. The plans have been revised. We’ve got our Reading Room back as a fully functioning research library.

    Your NYPL protests are inspiring. Keep going!

    best regards,


    Dr Evelyn Juers

    The petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/735/923/180/save-mitchell-library/




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