The Brandon Stanton / Humans of New York photo that started the circus

The Atlantic interview with Svati Narula: This Human of New York Takes His Libraries Seriously.

My op-ed in the Guardian: If libraries can’t make it here in New York, can they make it anywhere?

Metro: ‘Humans of New York’ Sparks Library Debate [Page 6]

Gothamist: Humans Of NY Post Reignites Debate Over New York Public Library Renovation

The Wire: Humans of New York Blog Puts the Spotlight on NYC Library’s Controversial Renovation Plans

Melville House: On the Central Library Plan, Humans of New York interviewee Matthew Zadrozny kills it

Huffington Post: The Central Library Plan Deserves an Educated Public Debate

Melville House: Jonathan Lethem and Gary Panter speak out against the NYPL plan

Uma história para ler: Zadrozny gosta de livros em Nova Iorque

A statement of support from Richard Stallman coordinated by me: Don’t switch the NYPL to e-books!


New York Times: Public Library Is Abandoning Disputed Plan for Landmark

Wall Street Journal: New York Public Library Scraps Redesign Plans

The New Yorker: The New York Public Library Comes Around

Gothamist: NY Public Library Backs Down From $300 Million “Vegas”-Style Renovation Plan

Melville House: Critics of the Central Library Plan react to New York Public Library’s change of course

The Long and Short: New York City Flops: Why plans to reinvent a storied Manhattan library failed

Scott Sherman’s excellent book, Patience and Fortitude: Power, Real Estate, and the Fight to Save the New York Public Library (2015)





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