THE MATTHEW EFFECT: A blog of best practices / “a collection of notes, on personal growth and worldly success, in the spirit of science-help”. I continue to post here from time to time.

QUOTES: A personal collection of adages, aphorisms, apothegms, chestnuts, dictums, epigrams, epithets, hypotheses, maxims, proverbs, quips, (old) saws, slogans, quotations, thoughts, and witticisms. Written in Flask. Nothing flashy (yet).

THE REVERE RIDE: A 40-mile all-night bike ride up the Hudson River in honor of Paul R.  The first ride (finally) took place on September 28th – 29th, 2013. Fun people plus superb weather made for an unforgettable night (photos here). Email me if you’d like to join the next one.

GEOQUIZ: That silly parlor game in which you name a country or capital that begins with the last letter of the one just named. Works for one-player, bar some kinks. Look out for new features (multi-player, etc) and some tutoring algorithms. This started as a first foray into JavaScript.

HIDDEN NEW YORK: A micro-business combining some of my favorite things: biking, New York, history, and and showing people around. Site built on Bootstrap. (No longer online.)

POSTCARDS FOR CHANGE: Paper petitions for a digital world. Directing democracy with a paper trail. A service built with Frank Denbow for TechCrunch Disrupt. (No longer online.)

MAP THAT MUSIC!: An app for teaching geography and music.  Kids were asked to match to countries and countries to songs. Country data was pulled from the Echonest API and music from that of Spotify. I pitched this at the Music Hackathon in 2013 and we built a working version. (No longer online.)

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